Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Tina Belcher

We did it, everyone! We've survived another Saturday. Hopefully, it's been a good one. For me, stomping around on Jezebel (read: sitting in my living room in pajamas) just like old times has been some of the most fun I've had in a while. And tonight we celebrate another paragon of fun: Tina Belcher. uhhhhhhhh.


If you haven't seen it, here's Dan Mintz's excellent AMA about playing Tina. And if you have seen it, you should probably go get yourself a beverage and relax already. Listen, you've earned it. You're a smart, strong, sensual woman. You did it girl, take a bow.

Isha's back tomorrow! Just as soon as I let her out of the closet I put her into like Lucy did on that one episode where Ricky wouldn't let her dance down at the club. Discuss anything and everything in the comments below.


See you on Monday! Have an awesome night!

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blah. i'm lonely and bored. i have to do some reading for my class but i've just been watching gilmore girls all day.

i want to quit smoking and drinking. so earlier this morning i finished my last cigarette and ran a bunch of water over the remaining pack and threw them away. i sort of regret it now but not really.

i really need to get healthy. i've gotten so goddamn fat. i've gained 30 pounds in the past 3 years. i don't exercise. i sit at a desk all day, come home and drink a lot and smoke and go to bed, so i'm trying to be better about this because i'm almost 30 and i don't want to die young. does anyone have any motivational tips? i'm sort of scared to go to the gym bc of all the smoking. bad lungs. sigh.

but dammit i want a cigarette.