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Saturday Night Social: the Night Belongs to M.E. Kerr

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Deliver Us From Evie is the first book I ever read about LGBT+ issues. I snuck it out of my school library without signing my name (it was a small school!) and read it twice in a row, thrilled that there were whole books written about people like me for people my age (!!!). It's awesome that there are authors like M.E. Kerr out there making it a little bit safer for LGBT+ youth to feel more comfortable about themselves and recognize that they aren't alone! Let's hear it for M.E. Kerr and all the other awesome authors writing books for LGBT+ youth audiences and let's raise a glass of whatever we're drinking (I am drinking Fanta like it is my job) to their continued success. (And then also to our continued success.)


Discuss anything and everything in the comments below and have a fantastic Saturday night!

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It's my birthday y'all! it's been an incredibly rough year by many standards. here's hoping 26 will be the golden turn around year. I'm starting it by doing karaoke in one of those private room places (they finally opened one in my city). hopefully singing "I've Got You Babe" with my bf will ring in the new year right (that and copious booze :) ).