Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Carol Burnett

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You guys, it's Saturday night! The weekend is here and it is going full-blast. Whatever you're doing, pause for a moment to tug at your ear and wish a happy birthday to the one and only Carol Burnett! Ms. Burnett is 81 today, so let's raise a glass to her health and happiness and try to forget all the nightmares Ms. Hannigan gave us. And then let's discuss anything and everything in the comments below!


The very awesome Rebecca Rose will be here with you next Saturday (because wedding season has begun and I can't say no to an open bar)! Have a fantastic Saturday night and a great weekend!

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Bananas For Scale

I have two questions for everyone tonight. The first is a wine question and the second is a TMI question, so you can stop reading after the wine question if you wish.

1. I think one of the greatest disappointments of my (still short) life is that wine does not taste like that sparkling grape juice they give kids instead of wine at parties here in the US. I turn 21 on Tuesday (yay!) and I am very excited to buy my own alcohol. My question: are there any brands/types of wine (I also don't know much about wine) that taste anything like the kids sparkling grape juice? ETA: white or red. I currently have no preference

Ok, now for the TMI question, so stop reading now if you wish.

2. I recently got a Diva Cup and I am having huge problems with it. It isn't leaking or anything, but I am having a hell of a time getting it in and out of myself. I keep pinching myself on the inside when I try to remove it and it HURTS SO BAD!! It is a bit uncomfortable when I have it in, but I have been leaving it in anyways because I haven't always been in a place where I can take it out. What do I do? I know I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Tips? Advice? Help!

Thank you everyone!