Saturday Night Social: The Friends Reunion Is Coming

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It is with great shock and confusion that I tell you that Matthew Perry is apparently chaotic and chic.


The actor—not known for the tbh underrated 2009 film, 17 Again, though I would argue that he should be—posted a picture of himself on Saturday that shows him sitting in what looks to be a makeup chair.

“Seconds before eating a makeup brush, not to mention reuniting with my Friends,” he wrote in the caption. And yes, he capitalized “friends,” which would seem to suggest he took the photo right before shooting some kind of reunion with the rest of the cast of NBC’s hit sitcom, Friends.

Perry has since deleted the post, Page Six reports, but not before it had racked up more than 27,000 likes. So in other words, he posted something wild, let a bunch of people see it and freak out, then deleted it and acted like it never happened? The jury has come to a decision: That was chaotic and chic.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

My husband found an appointment for a vaccine yesterday, for today! I thought, alright, this is my time to shine! I work in healthcare, and I know the ins and outs of the system, I’m going to find him an appointment! I helped my mom! Nope. He just hit refresh at the right time. Oh well, the important thing is him getting vaccinated since it’s people in their 50s and 40s who are hospitalized with serious covid now. I made Happy Vaccination Day muffins! Lemon raspberry and chia seed muffins!

I also made danubio salato, a savory brioche from Naples made with olive oil and butter, shaped into rolls, filled with different fillings. Bread roll roulette! The sesame seed has some pesto, and the sesame has cheese, and plain, is plain. What has everyone else made?

I also made some cute tiny knitted kitties!