Saturday Night Social: Tamisha Iman!

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Last night’s episode RuPaul’s Drag Race, the penultimate episode of the VH1 drag competition’s 13th season that served as a mostly socially distanced reunion special, broke with reality TV tradition in a lot of key ways. Unlike your typical reunion special, in which season-long fights are usually dredged up for one final burst of ratings gold, last night’s Drag Race chose instead to highlight its competitors’ talents, giving each of them a few minutes to perform a number of their choosing—a wise change of pace, considering these queens haven’t been able to tour and make money like they normally would on account of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic!


The standout of the night was Tamisha Iman, the Atlanta legend and three-time national pageant title winner who sashayed away from the competition a little too early for some people’s (i.e., my) liking. Iman blessed us with a music video for DJ Mitch Ferrino’s “Arrogant,” which features quotes from the episode of Untucked where she tells New York’s Kandy Muse that she’s being arrogant. I can’t track down the music video itself at the moment—all I can find is Ferrino’s mix, which he uploaded to YouTube in February—but enjoy! And please dropped Iman’s video in the comments if you manage to find it.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

What’s everyone been up to in the kitchen? Bread was in heavy rotation around here, look at my beautiful loaf of bread!

It’s a recipe from Ken Forkish, country blond, and you bake it seam side up and let it crack where it may. I follow a lot of bread baking accounts on instagram, and some people do some really fancy bread scoring designs, but I like rustic look. I also made kofta kebabs with some roasted peppers, and fresh pita. Warm pita is so good. I was going to make some tangelo pineapple sorbet, but the weather got chilly again, and I'm back to reading on the couch under my fleece blanket, so maybe next week.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I’m planning on making an herby pomidora sauce, some fresh pasta, and combine some of the sauce with some sautéed peppers, onions, celery, and some andouille for jambalaya pasta. And, some brownies for dessert. If I end up having too much to do tomorrow it might be rigatoni jambalaya.