Saturday Night Social: Still Can't Believe The Pink Panther Gave Us 'Check On It'

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Does anyone remember anything about The Pink Panther, that 2006 remake of an older Pink Panther detective movie that is not, despite its title, about a literal pink panther? Truly one of the least canon films of all time, I know. I could not tell you much about it off the top of my head. I want to say that it starred Steve Martin, and.......Wikipedia says I’m correct! It also stars Beyoncé, a fact that I’d somehow forgotten over the past 15 years.


The only thing my brain has retained about The Pink Panther without the aid of a well-timed Wiki run is that we have this presumably terrible movie to thank for “Check On It,” one of Beyoncé’s greatest songs to date, as it was made for the film’s soundtrack. Wikipedia says it got cut, which ???? Unthinkable!!!! Though, maybe whoever was in charge of curating it didn’t care for Slim Thug’s iconic line about how he’ll “keep my hands in my pants / I need to glue ‘em with glue,” which also got cut from the music video and replaced with a verse by Bun B.

Anyway, for giving us “Check On It,” I will be forever grateful for The Pink Panther, a film I will never watch. Thank you, movie. Thank you so much.

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Hi Jezzies! Yesterday marked 10 — TEN! — weeks since my last drink. Since I posted about it 2 weeks ago on SNS, the icy midwest tundra has started to melt and there are more opportunities for outdoor distance hangs on friends’ patios.

2 weeks ago I took my own la croix and kombucha-filled cooler to one of those patio hangs, our first time seeing friends IRL in like 4 months. Last week we hosted them on our patio and I made homemade limeade, which was easy for them to add a shot to if they wanted, but very tasty for me to drink on its own.

There was an outdoor distanced birthday party at a park planned for today by someone in my “friend group” who is always really nasty to me, but is good friends with folks I’m good friends with. I declined, at first telling myself it is because I don’t want to be around a group of people drinking just yet. But upon deeper reflecting I realized: I honestly don’t like this person, always feel terrible when I’m around them, and I’m allowed to just not go to things without some grander explanation!

I don’t think I would have come to this realization in my drinking days, because I would have *wanted* to go to the party because a) booze, b) seeing my friends + booze, and c) who cares if I feel terrible around this person, I’ll just drink more booze and it will be fine.

I’m downright giddy with unadulterated joy, like a cover has been pulled from my eyes and I can suddenly see clearly. Have y’all just been saying no to things hosted by people you don’t like all this time? How am I just figuring out this is an option!??!

Also, today I finished “Drinking: A Love Story” by Caroline Knapp (rest in peace), recommended by another commenter on my non-drinking thread from a few weeks ago. Thank you to that person for the wonderful recommendation. :)

Anyway, cheers (my lemon fizzy water with sage) to another 10 weeks! <3