Saturday Night Social: Personal Recommendations of Week

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Goode Satürsdåe to you all, dear commenters. The following is a list of personal recommendations, listed in no particular order, that I’d like to share gleaned from my experience over the past week. So, without further ado, please consider:

  • Eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I just made one to tide myself over until my blogging shift is done. Easy to make. Fast, too. Tastes good. Can’t go wrong unless you have a deadly nut or bread or bee product allergy. Please ignore this rec if you do.
  • Buying a ring light. I did this. It is great.
  • Texting your mother. I did this. It was great.
  • Watching Veneno. I did this. It is great.
  • Having sex. I did this. It was great.
  • Putting a pair of nylons on its last wear to good use. Sorry to get all Cosmo sex tip circa 2004, but I let this dude rip them off of me a few nights ago and it was really hot! Much hotter than the alternative (simply throwing the worn-down pair away).
  • Giving a book you hated another chance. I’m currently doing something I thought I’d never do again: I’m reading Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life. I read the massive tome nearly six years ago and hated it, admiring its concept though ultimately loathing the author’s execution of it. After talking about it recently with a friend who loved the book, we’ve decided to reread it together over the coming months and discuss it in 100-page chunks every Sunday evening. Give it up for possibly changing your mind or not but hopefully having a good time with a friend regardless!!
  • Listening to Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s fine!
  • Watching a friend play video games. Do not play. Only watch. You’re not a real gamer. Such is not your realm.
  • Wondering if you should becoming a gamer. Dare I dream?
  • Pondering the concept of video games. Who are they, and what do they want?
  • Holding a dog like a baby. There is no way you will not enjoy this unless you have a deadly dog allergy. Please ignore this rec if you do.

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Big day for the tiny human. We got her her very own library card! I adore how much joy it brought her. The library has truly become one of our happy places. Tho with books being quarantined for a week before they are checked in, we have been hitting our take out limits on my card. So now we can get sooooo many more books :-) Joy ! We also ventured down to the beach this week & I treated myself to a fancy drink at my favorite shop. Usually just get a regular old coffee. So when they asked if I wanted toppings, I said sure. Well, my drink came back swimming in whipped cream, heavy lashings of chocolate, a crushed candy cane and it’s OWN Cookie !!! It was truly divine. And now I don’t need sugar for a month. Photos tonight are THAT drink, the beach and some fun school stuff (mushroom math, mold experiment & rainforest sensory bin)