Saturday Night Social: Love Theater and Theatrical Arts

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As a true lover of theater and the theatrical arts (I saw Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play a little over a year ago, which was great, and an Idina Menzel musical in 2013 or ‘14 that my partner at the time’s aunt had given us free tickets to, which was so boring we walked out of it during intermission), I really appreciate the theater Maya Rudolph is bringing to her Saturday Night Live promo.


In the spot, the comedian and former SNL cast member, who hosts tonight’s episode of NBC’s long-running sketch-comedy show, is asked by current cast member Chris Redd if she’s ready for spring. She responds, per Vulture:

Rudolph: Am I ready for spring, Chris? Spring! The symbolic representation of birth. New life. New beginnings. Spring! The ushering in of a new dawn after the long, cruel night of winter. Spring! A blossoming of new beauty. New promise. New hope. Ask me again, Chris, am I ready for spring.

Redd: Uh... Are you ready for spring?

Rudolph: Yes. Yes I am.

Watch the spot below, and enjoy your night. Or don’t! You’re an adult!

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Unfortunately, Pissing Contest left us when Maria Sherman did. It was a delight and something we all looked forward to after a dreary week.

In that spirit, I’m reviving it with a new topic every week:

What’s the crappiest thing a sibling or other family member has ever done to you?

I have really thin hair, but I liked it long anyway. My mother and sister insisted that anyone with fine hair cannot have it long. When I started controlling my own hair, they constantly griped about how stringy and shapeless it was. I didn’t care. One summer, my sister walked behind me as I was seated and she cut off my ponytail in one snip. I was outraged, but she said she felt better, and my mom refused to do anything because she liked it better too. To this day, I grow my hair long and have extremely superficial/non-existent relationships with both of them.

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