Saturday Night Social: Look at These Pictures of Jane Austen's Relatives

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Am I the only one who thought Jane Austen’s family was at least Pride and Prejudice-level poor?

According to the pictures of her fancy-ass relatives in The Daily Mail, it turns out they were Emma rich. Look at that manor house! Look at that captain who “lost his arm in a tiger attack while hunting boar in India.” Look at Lady Knatchbull! Look at all of it, I say!

Anyway, hope no tigers got your arms this week. What’s up?

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So— bear with me, this starts off as a downer but ends on (hopefully) an up note.

My (adult) boy was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas. It’s treatable for now but, not curable. At some point, it’s supposed to flip into something more aggressive that will be immediately dangerous. He’s so young. We were left flailing a bit about this.

I have another son who was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago. He has his good days and his bad days. I can see it taking its toll.

That they both have been given what feels like life sentences is heartbreaking. I keep marvelling at how little I had to deal with (comparitively) at their ages. Watching their health fail sucks. They’re my rambunctious bear cub boys.

Anyway, Mr C and I have a milestone b-day trip to Paris this Spring. Yesterday I sent in the paperwork to cash out some of my retirement funds. I’m flying my boys and their partners to Paris too. It will be a surprise to their dad. Life’s short, good health has an expiration date. It’s silly and frivolous and financially ill-advised. I couldn’t be happier about this decision.

I hope I can pull this off!