Saturday Night Social: Let's Look at These Famous Instagram Animals

I am seriously considering unfollowing everyone I know from high school, cheese stan accounts, and Lena Dunham on Instagram and replacing them all with celebrity animals.


Time has helpfully created a list of all the best furry friends to follow so you don’t waste your time with unphotogenic garbage animals. Some, like Doug the Pug and Grumpy Cat, have been superstars for a while now, but others, such as Jill the vegetarian squirrel, are brand new to me.


Maybe your week was good, but was it “famous squirrel also winning employee of the month” good?

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Hi Jezzies, still waiting to go view my new home but apparently the keys will be back from maintenance this week. I’m overly excited and can’t wait. I’m going to need so much stuff when I move in, but over time I can get it. I did treat myself to some pans and baking trays today. I’m so excited I’m going to be getting a cooker, where I’ve been living the kitchen is not big enough for a cooker so it’s been microwave and a crockpot. I’m unbelievably excited about having a cooker once again. For the first time in a long time I feel happy.