Saturday Night Social: Let's All Sigh Wistfully Over the Fact That Sasha Obama Is All Grown Up

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Though I very much wish Sasha Obama could stay eight years old forever because that would mean we were in a time loop where her dad was always president, Donald Trump never was, and I was a perpetual twenty-something grad student whose student loans would never come due, it would appear that, without my consent, Sasha Obama has become old enough to graduate high school.


Sasha graduated from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C last Sunday, and of course, her parents, who are not my parents, much as I like to imagine it, and sister attended the ceremony. She’ll be headed to the University of Michigan in the fall.

Where does the time go? How did your weeks go?

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Cheers Pink Ears!

Today we went to see John Wick 3, in a theater with fancy luxury loungers. The chairs are not conducive to sitting close together and snarking on the movie (Safety first Iron Chef!) But the seat warmer option was very nice, it was like laying on a full body length heating pad, I don’t think my shoulders have felt so relaxed since 2010.

I tested out a recipe this week for the baking contest at my home town fair. Cinnamon Star Bread. I think I need to count how many twists I give it, so it will look more uniform. And maybe less eggwash in the interior, to prevent the filling from leaking out. What’s cooking at your place?