Saturday Night Social: Knocked...Over a Dalmatians...

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Screenshot: YouTube

So, I was scrolling through Twitter, as one does, when I came across this post by critic and novelist Gretchen Felker-Martin, author of the forthcoming post-apocalyptic body-horror epic Manhunt. The tweet contains a screenshot synopsis of the plot of Cruella, Disney’s just-released movie about the jokerfication of its villain from 101 Dalmatians starring Emma Stone as the titular anti-hero. According to the screenshot, Cruella’s mother dies when she is “knocked over a cliff by dalmatians,” which, like...surely, that can’t be true!


And yet.

It is.

Here’s a clip of the plot point in question, uploaded to YouTube by some kind soul sent directly from Hell to both meet my needs and drive me insane. As you can see, not only is Cruella’s mom knocked over a cliff by dalmatians, but she’s knocked over a cliff by dalmatians! What’s more, she’s knocked over a cliff by dalmatians! Which is insane when you consider that she’s knocked over a cliff by dalmatians.


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Cheers Pink Ears!

Maybe she wasn’t the kind of person who is made woozy by heights, but why would you stand so close to the edge of sheer cliff like that?

Has anyone made anything interesting this week? I made some cucumber kimchi! It’s from Maangchi, and you’re supposed to stuff the vegetables and seasonings into the cucumbers, but the right kind of cucumbers weren’t available, so I cut them into slices, mixed everything together, and it will make a nice side dish with the turkey burgers I have planned for tomorrow.

We also had our first broccoli harvest, and ate some of that with some angel hair cacio e pepe. Well, a broad strokes cacio e pepe, there was cheese and pepper, but maybe not the exact kind of cheese intended. Gli italani, così difficile.

Our strawberries started ripening too, on our alpine strawberry plant, so tiny little berries, and I have a rhubarb and strawberry crumble in the oven right now.