Saturday Night Social: It's the Last One of the Decade

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At about 1:15 this morning, as my younger-by-half-my-age sister and I were watching Gilmore Girls (her first time, my... hundredth?) and eating leftover ham and tiramisu (not concurrently but in pretty quick succession), it hit me.


Come tonight, I would be responsible for posting the final Saturday Night Social of the 2010s. The one and only other time I had the pleasure of posting one I was told, with great sincerity, that it could not be late because you all would be waiting. It was, honestly, a thrill.

And so I thought, what could I possibly post that would send us out of the past decade and into the next with as much hope and promise and let’s-fuck-shit-up energy as possible?

Naturally, the answer is this giant floating cat.

Round and joyous, hovering above all of the bullshit. I hope you’re closing out this year, and this decade, with much of the same energy. And if you need a bit more strength to power through, I hope you receive it from this giant grey floof.

Personally, I won’t be making resolutions this year but I’m gonna do my best to write a little more, volunteer a little more, maybe kiss some cute boys, and perfect my choux pastry and custard, an invaluable life skill.


What do you have planned for the 2020s? What was the best part of your 2010s? See you on the other side!

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Christmas was enjoyed by the kitties in the Porkchop family.

There’s a URI epidemic at the shelter, so I’m limited to visiting the FIV kitties. I saw the two most recent shelter FB posts, and I didn’t know *any* of the kitties. ANY!! AAAAAAAGH!

BUT. There is one room I can look into from a safe spot, so I did. and I saw a kitten in a bed. Then another appeared. and another. and another. Boop boop boop. It was adorable. Research indicates I met Violet, Dexter, Penelope and Tallahassee. Soon, kittens. Soon.

So the first room I visited was Dash’s. BOY were we glad to see each other!

Welcome scratch from Mistletoe. She was a whirlwind of motion!

Who gets the lap first? (answer: Guthrie, always)

Hellooo, Dash.

Mistletoe reeeeally wanted to break out of the room.

Marlin was in sweetie-pie mode. I call him my little squeak toy because he sounds like one when he speaks (but he sure can growl when he wants to!)

And demonstrated that a liquid always takes the shape of its container.

Coco Chanel enjoys the quiet of her open cage, where Miss Lois is unlikely to disturb her.

I literally was in and out of this room, but I did give quality greetings to Merlot,


and Blu.

FINALLY, the Torti Terrors: Tia and Tamera (“Mask-Face” and Split-Face”). I decided to get a head start on my shift tomorrow and de-fur their fleeces. It turned into multi-tasking: Defurring and amusing them with my shoelaces, which they attacked from all (and I mean *all*) directions.

You know it’s the holidays when your defurring detritus glitters.

Finally, Bruce Update! Bruce’s human read your responses to the Big News last week and was quite touched, btw.

Home For The Holidays Bruce.

This Bed Is Definitely My Size Bruce.

Jezzies, thank you so much for making me and the kitties feel so welcome. Through these posts, I’ve been able to flex my creative muscles *and* make so many anonymous friends lol. I have embarked on a project I hope to bring to fruition in the coming year, inspired by my experiences here. When I have more to tell you, I most certainly will. Merry New Year!