Saturday Night Social: Grumpy Cat Is Dead. Long Live Grumpy Cat.

While we may never fully recover from the loss of Grumpy Cat, whose face expressed perfectly the way I have felt every single day since November 8, 2016 and most days preceding, there are other cats that appear perpetually unhappy.


Next in line of succession for the title of Internet’s Unhappiest-Looking Feline is Louis, an Austin, Texas-based cat and aspiring Instagram influencer who looks not just grumpy, but also, dare I say, a bit disgruntled? Unlike Grumpy Cat I, his predecessor does not have a genetic mutation causing him to look perpetually disappointed by the folly of all that which meets his baffled gaze, that’s the expression he chooses. Long may he reign.

On a scale of 1-10, how much did your week resemble King Louis’s countenance?

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Hi my lovely Jezzies, I’m going to be taking a break. I feel a complete failure, you guys have helped me so much to get the amount I need for my deposit on my new home. I’ve been trying to get the rest together and it isn’t going well. I’m going to keep trying in the next week because I want my new home but also because some of you guys have helped me towards that amount and if it all goes wrong i am going to feel like I’ve let you all down and I can’t cope with that. My mental health isn’t great at the moment and I’m so completely stressed out. You all mean so much to me and I’m not sure where I’d be without you all. I’m going to do everything in my power to find the rest of my deposit because I can’t and won’t let you all down. Love you all xx