Saturday Night Social: Drop What You're Doing, and Watch This TikTok

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I’ve been hungry for narrative lately. The Vanessa Hudgens-starring Princess Switch 2 nearly satisfied that craving when I watched it earlier this week. (Its titular switch is actually very complex, entertaining, and high stakes! Like something out of Shakespeare, believe it or not.) Unfortunately, the movie only devotes about 20 minutes of its runtime to these dynamic shenanigans, the rest of it being mostly exposition then a long, drawn-out wedding. Or coronation? Or coronation that felt like a wedding? Just watch it, you know you want to.


Anyway, praise be to TikToker Maryn Short who came through with the best, most unsettling twist ending I’ve experienced since reading My Year of Rest and Relaxation in October (and unlike in Ottessa Moshfegh’s 2018 novel, I didn’t see the twist coming from a mile away). I don’t want to spoil what happens here, so just watch the video below and read on for updates.

You watched it? Great. I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE FOUND OUT SHE MIGHT HAVE COVID WHILE FILMING SOME MUNDANE TIKTOK TREND VIDEO. Is M. Night Shyamalan taking notes? I really feel like he should be given...everything he’s made after The Village, if I’m being generous.

Short later confirmed her suspicions after testing positive for covid, BuzzFeed reports, and she’s currently quarantining (and TikToking) from home.

“I’m glad I did put [the TikTok] back up because a lot of people that were commenting said I made people realize they should get tested,” she told the outlet. “Whenever people think of COVID, especially kids my age, we’re told to please stay safe for our elders. I don’t think people think about people in their teens or twenties getting COVID.”

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Pumpkin Andy is Orange

So, in backwards order, are our Christmas Clusters! They’re way cool lights that we bought at the hardware store, and when we got them home, we realized they were super knotted. After significant effort, during which I think we added more knots than we untangled, we realized they were never going to get sorted, so we hung them with zero care and decided to let go of old ways and embrace our Christmas Clusters. They look really good from the plaza across the street!

How about one more pic?

Aww that big head on that little body! She’s an sweet looking stray who needs a home, and if the cats will allow it, we’re going to foster her. IDK how she is around cats, but we’ll find out quite soon! We’re getting her at the farmer’s market Tuesday morning and it’s such an outdoor culture here, I’m planning on taking her everywhere with me. And perhaps buying her a fancy collar and maybe a hoodie and she needs a bath and lordy please let her presence be tolerated by the kitties so that we can give her a home and some love.