Saturday Night Social: Did Croissants Always Look Like This

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Screenshot: YouTube

I’m not high! You’re high! But more to the point, what’s up with these croissants?


I was watching this new New York Times video starring Claire Saffitz—the baker and ex-Bon Appetit Test Kitchen star slash digger of some of the best YouTube holes I’ve ever fallen down—wherein she teaches the viewer how to make, quote, “perfect croissants,” and I? Have questions.

Watching the video, I can’t say she didn’t—make perfect croissants, that is. The three flaky pastries—plain, chocolate, and almond—do indeed look perfect. But do they look too perfect? I feel they might look too perfect. They’re just so...round and curled over. They look great, but who are they?

I’ve only ever seen croissants like this at coffee shops I’ve worked at that received pastry deliveries from the same pastry delivery service as every other coffee shop in Brooklyn. Is that just what happens when you make your dough from scratch? When was the last time you saw a deflated li’l pop-tube Pillsbury puffer in the wild? Did they ever exist in the first place? Have I been Berenstain’d again?


Cheers Pink Ears!

Speaking of croissants, what’s everyone been cooking and/or baking lately? I haven’t really made anything note worthy this week, it’s been mostly a very sad week with putting my kitty to sleep. If anyone has suggestions for what to do with rhubarb though, I’d love to hear them! I like when a recipe includes poaching rhubarb, because I will save the poaching liquid and add it to lemonade or seltzer for a nice, refreshing drink.

My pea plants finally have flowers on them. They kept growing up, and up, and up, and now that they have no where else to go, there’s flowers.

And my happy allium flowers are going strong. These are the medium sized ones, the giant ones are just starting to open.