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For everyone who said corpulence was a male bear’s game, feast your eyes on Holly, who has been named Alaska’s best fat bear.

Holly beat out 12 of her fishing colleagues for the title during Fat Bear Week. The contest is decided by fans of a live stream of Katmai National Park in southern Alaska. And though Holly is certainly a chonk, there is a popularity component to the selection process. It was ultimately Holly’s star power that earned her the top spot over a less charismatic competitor:

A bear named 747 was almost certainly the largest on the river: by early October he was the size of two bears, with an estimated weight of 1,408lbs — more than half a tonne. But Fat Bear Week, like impeachment, is all about the votes. Bear 747 was defeated, in the semi-finals, by bear number 775, known as Lefty, for his slightly shorter left ear.”


Sorry to Left Ear, but Holly’s just got it. How were your weeks? Triumphant as a fat bear with a belly full of salmon?

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