Saturday Night Social: Coachella Is Upon Us

It is that storied time of year when celebrities journey into the desert to hold plastic cups of wine and feel like they understand what it must have been like to attend Woodstock, except with less mud and more photo ops. Double tap it or not, Coachella is happening.

Here’s what we know: Childish Gambino gave a performance so good that portable showers spontaneously burst into flame. Ariana Grande is set to perform with NSYNC. Solange won’t be there, but the Beyoncé stage will. Also, Kyle Richards came to wear aviators and clap back. She’s getting what she came for.

Was your week more or less stressful than attempting to use a porta potty while wearing a romper?

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Cheers Pink Ears!

Do you talk in your sleep? Apparently I do. Sometimes full sentences, some time just mumbling (which I suspect is probably German) and sometimes laughing. Earlier this week I said (what I find to be) the funniest one yet, and I really wish I could remember what I was dreaming about. My husband reports that I sat straight up and yelled Strontium! Strontium! then went right back to sleeping quietly. What funny things have you, or your SO said while they were sleeping?