Saturday Night Social: Christian Siriano Upstaged by This Bird I Saw on TikTok

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On Thursday, Christian Siriano debuted his latest fashion collection in a pandemic-safe runway show hosted in the backyard of his Connecticut home.

Following “every safety protocol recommended by the CDC,” per Teen Vogue, from socially distant seating to masks on every model and attendee, the designer truly has outdone himself with this newest mélange of looks with all their florals and bold colors, apparently inspired by camp classics like Troop Beverly Hills and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead as well as locally grown heirloom tomatoes. They’re truly incredibly, simply marvelous!

But they’re no this bird.

You see, this bird is a bird that I saw on TikTok today. His name is Gilbert, and he is an owl. In some of his videos, he tries on hats made of flowers. In other ones, they are leaves. I don’t normally cover fashion and, frankly, have no business starting now, and yet I think I speak for the industry when I say that this bird has truly innovated “hat” as we know it.


But perhaps you disagree. Watch the two videos below, and decide for yourself. Are you with this bird or against this bird? Don’t land on the wrong side of history, my friend.

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Continuing the theme of 2020 being a kick in the teeth, my dog Lori died this morning. It was one of those pet deaths that was both unexpected and entirely unsurprising. She was an old lady of 15: blind, one eyed (thanks to a corneal ulcer that wouldn’t heal when she was 13), partly deaf, arthritic, had cushing’s disease and what was likely canine dementia plus a poor appetite that had cause her to drop to just 7 pounds despite my best efforts to get her to put more weight on. So I was already preparing myself for the likelihood that this would be her last year. But still she wasn’t any worse this past week than she had been at any point in the past 18 months so I had no expectation that this was the end. She was walking around last night and ate all of her dinner, and while she was whimpering and stiff this morning I thought she just had a cramp like she sometimes got. I picked her up and cuddled her on the couch for a bit before getting up to do laundry. When I came back to check on her an hour later, she was dead. I’m trying not to beat myself up for not taking her to the vet immediately because intellectually I know that she was already dying when I picked her up from her bed even if I didn’t realize it yet. And I would have rather her die at home with me than at the vet’s office. But still it’s hard not to second guess myself and wonder had I’m done something different/better if she’d still be here with me.

Goodbye old girl.