Saturday Night Social: Check Out This Video of Me Giving Birth

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Pregnancy: What is it, and what does it want? Most people could not answer that question. Most people don’t know what pregnancy is, as studies have shown for some time now. Not me, though. I’ve been pregnant. I know exactly what pregnancy is. For example, it sometimes ends with giving birth, something else that I have done.

In an effort to spread pregnancy awareness and fight stigma, I would like to share with you this video of me giving birth, which is how my pregnancy ended. As you can see, I birthed my daughter, Spiderman, by Caesarean section—so named because you have to use a knife like when you order a Caesar salad from a pizza place and the vegetables are too large.

It went fine thanks to my doctor, Dr. Youngest Doctor, who is famously the youngest doctor in town. I owe so much to Dr. Youngest Doctor, who did great. If you are reading this, Dr. Youngest Doctor, I want to tell you: “Thanks.”


Watch me give birth below.

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tonight, living in a fantasy

Health question / peri thread

I really wish that when I was younger, people had talked more about the shit that hits you in your 40s. I always knew about menopause, but no one ever talked about the years of peri that builds up to that. Which is just like... WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I have felt like I’m losing my mind for the last few years. It’s so great to finally get answers, and to know that this shit happens to most women. Also, it’s great to see a lot of other women on here going/went through the same thing.

[side note- a month or so ago, I read a comment on here somewhere about how this site is now “mostly middle-aged women”... to which I say, fuck the fuck off with that shit. Like many others on here I’m sure, I started reading this blog from the beginning, and Gawker before that, and just aged with it. You don’t just suddenly lose interest in these topics once you hit 40 or 50 or whatever. You might look older, but your brain is still the same mush it always was.]

Anyhew, that’s all to build up to my question. What’s the deal with ovarian cysts?? I just got diagnosed with a kind of large one, but the doc said it’s normal. Getting another ultrasound in a month to keep track of it. And now I hear that loads of women get them, and it’s quite normal. Why is this news to me??

Anyone else dealing with weird hormonal shit this year on top of everything else?