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Saturday Night Social: Canine Cinephile Has Correct Emotional Response to The Lion King

At just four months old, this canine savant has correctly identified the appropriate reaction to Mufasa’s death in The Lion King: complete devastation.


Dog parent Josh Myers captured his puppy Luna learning empathy the same way the rest of us did: by watching the murder of a cartoon lion’s father.


Was your week as enlightening as a young dog’s first taste of the twofold truth that while death may be heartbreaking, it is may also be, as Barthelme writes, the “means by which the taken-for-granted mundanity of the everyday may be transcended”?

You’re a good dog, Luna. Don’t let the world change you.

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Rough week, wanted to share my experience of something that happened that really frustrated me. Spending the evening cuddling with my pup to forget about it.

My ex boyfriend of five months has been stalking me — leaving voicemails on blocked numbers, using friends’ phones to call and text to get around block, sending packages and letters to my apartment with personal, sexually explicit details about me written on the outside of the package or envelope, sending unwanted flowers to my workplace, having his friends call and text me to plead his case. I broke up with him in September because I discovered he had been messaging other women on the dating site we met on, for the entirety of our relationship (which HE had pushed to become committed very quickly). Other reasons included his insistence on my wearing makeup ALL the time, expecting me to wait on him, and telling me I needed to lose weight and get a breast augmentation. Breakup was by phone and text instead of in person, since I could not stand to be around him anymore. These were done in civil manner and gave full details about my reasons, and apologized for any pain I caused.

After five months of harassment, I finally went to my local police station to file a complaint. The officer called him and while talking to him, he said “sir, I understand your pain” and “well, you have to admit you’ve been persistent “. Then the officer hangs up and immediately says to ME , “well, I can’t say I blame him “. Ex bf had told him that I had broken up with him by text and phone, and therefore I am ‘so mean”, so of course the officer takes his side. I just felt Ike I was being blamed for the harassment, just negated and diminished. It took a lot for me to work up the nerve to go in and report it. 

Women have the right to end a relationship and expect to be free of harassment afterwards. The harassment is not about getting “closure” it is about control.

Hope the rest of you had a great week. Off to hug my pupster.