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Saturday Night Social: Canadian Dog Has No Honor

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: Canadian Dog Has No Honor
Image: Wellcome Collection

A Canadian dog enlisted to protect trash from bears was recently discovered to have been in league with an ursine thief for much of his tenure as guardian of the refuse.


Brickleberry, a mastiff/hound/beagle mix, was tasked with barking at trash-eating bears outside his home in Northern Ontario. However, Brickle was on the take, looking the other way at chow time in exchange for a deer bones from an unnamed bear who has reportedly become a close personal friend of the disgraced animal:

“My idiot furry son has one job at night – bork at things and make them go away. Easy, right? HOWEVER, a bear has learned that my furry son can be bought,” devastated dog parent Jesse Jordan wrote on Twitter. “This is the THIRD TIME he’s been gifted deer bones in exchange for being allowed access to my trash, AND HE KEEPS DOING IT.”


Such a shame to see a good dog go crooked like this. Were you the corrupted or the corruptor this week?

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