Saturday Night Social: Anyone Lose $100,000 Worth of Diamond Rings

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A railroad conductor working on a New York commuter train found about $100,000 worth of diamond rings on his train on Tuesday. Was it yours? I feel like it was mine, personally.


“It almost didn’t seem real, Jonathan Yellowday, the Long Island Rail Road conductor in question, said of discovering two jewelry portfolios containing three-dozen diamond rings aboard one of his cars, per NBC News. “I thought, this can’t be what it seems.”

Yellowday turned the goods over to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the jeweler who lost them soon retrieved them—or at least a jeweler who claims to have lost them. Who’s to say they don’t belong to someone else? Like me, for example? The idea that it was not me who lost $100,000 of diamonds on the LIRR a few days ago... In the words of Valentina of Drag Race fame, it just doesn’t make sense with my fantasy.......

What’s your fantasy for the night? Drop your delusions below.

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