Saturday Night Social: America Finally Wises Up to the Seasonal Scam That Is Candy Corn

Image: AP

Candy corn looks like diseased crop and tastes like thwarted hope, and at long last, Americans are ready to rise up against the tyranny of a candy industry that yearly forces such an insult to sugar upon countless innocent children just trying to get free snacks.

A recent survey of 40,000 customers by, along with data pulled from Huffington Post and Bon Appetit, among others, found, unsurprisingly, that candy corn is the most loathed of all American Halloween candy. Coming in number two was circus peanuts, which are slightly less offensive by virtue of being increasingly less common, though they remain equally gross. Americans have also rightfully named Reese’s peanut butter cups their queen of Halloween candy. Long may peanut butter cups reign!


How were your weeks? Hopefully more peanut butter cup than circus peanut.

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