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Saturday Night Social: A Child's Christmas Wishes Came True After Rancher Found Her Letter to Santa

Look, it’s been a week. The government is shut down over a useless, multi-billion dollar wall, and the 90210 cast is going to reunite without Dylan and Brenda, which is also utterly pointless. But here’s a nice story for a change.


According to The Washington Post, a Patagonia, Arizona rancher named Randy Heiss found a Christmas list written in Spanish attached to busted balloon on his property. Heiss and his wife set out to find the child who had written it, but they only had a first name, Dayami. With the help of a radio station in Nogales, Mexico, the couple was able to find her:

To his surprise, someone from the station called him back right away. Heiss’s wife helped explain the situation to Radio XENY host Cesar Barron, who talked about the quest to find Dayami on air and posted about it on the station’s Facebook page.

On Thursday morning, Heiss awoke to another message from Radio XENY: They had located Dayami, an 8-year-old girl, and her family, who indeed lived in Nogales. Would they be willing to arrange a get-together at the radio station?


Heiss and his wife, who lost their only child nine years ago, were able to fulfill the Christmas list for Dayami with a extra gifts thrown in for her little sister, though they told the children the gifts were from “Santa’s helpers.”

Hope you’re heading into the holiday week with the kind of optimism of a kid tying a wish list to a balloon and hoping for the best!

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