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Saturday Morning Slow Jams Just Won’t Quit With The Hits: Animaniacs

Okay, I can't even help myself at this point. Once again, Saturday Morning Slow Jams is back to grace us with a soulful rendition of a cartoon theme song. And this week, they went there. POW!GRL is back (hellllooooo nurse!) for a pretty wonderful cover of the Animaniacs theme song. Now I still think that the Duck Tales cover was the cream of the crop, but this just reaches out to my soul, man. Animaniacs was a life-changing TV show—I'm still in the process of legally changing my name to Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third.


Seriously though, if there were three things Steven Spielberg got right, they'd be animatronic dinosaurs, the rest of his career (give or take a couple Crystal Skulls), and producing cartoon television shows. If these people do a Freakazoid cover, I will lose my mother-loving hugbees.

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I need POW!GRL to sing me awake every morning. That voice of hers is better than a shot of coffee.