​This Sexy Slow Jam Cover of the Duck Tales Theme Song is Glorious

Scott Bradlee, bandleader of Postmodern Jukebox, is well known for his "vintage" covers of various pop songs, but this is some next level retro shit here. In another ode to Saturday morning cartoons, his newest addition to the Saturday Morning Slow Jams (which already features a hilarious Pokémon cover) is the theme song from Duck Tales, and it's never sounded better. Ever.


POW!GRL (Karen Marie) absolutely smashes this quiet storm cover of the classic cartoon theme to the point that your nostalgic childhood memories have been retroactively rendered a lil' sultrier. Awkward? Deal with it. And for the record, you can consider that bass slapped.

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I want to make sweet sweet love to this woman's voice. Not that I want to have sex to a recording of her singing. I want to find a way to isolate her voice and somehow make love to it. Like... Really not creepy, sexy sweet love. Holy shit she is fucking amazing.