Sasha and Malia are Sooooo Done With Their Embarrassing Dad

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There's not much to say about this except that the facial expressions are golden. To most Americans, he's the president of The United Stated. To Sasha and Malia he's just some embarrassing old dude talking about turkeys and oh my god, will you stop with the corny jokes. Oh my god. They are literally going to DIE if their friends see this.

Your friends will see this, Sasha and Malia. Your friends have seen it. Your friends are probably also insanely jealous right now because you are on TV. I'm not even a teenager and I'm jealous of you. Is that okay, or should I have that checked out? That I'm jealous of teenagers?

Most importantly: Congratulations on your pardon, Cheese the turkey! And Happy Thanksgiving.

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Mark, didn't you say you were off for Thanksgiving this year? How did you get stuck with us today? I mean, the Canadian (and other not American) readers are happy to see you, because Cheese knows the internet quiets the hell down on US holidays but I still need the same amount of distraction as always, but... don't you have to dress like a hamster and cook a lot of food or something? I'm concerned for you. Are you allowed to drunk blog at least?