Sarah Silverman Launches YouTube Comedy Channel

OK, well it's also Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Reggie Watts — but at least there's one woman? And a person of color? So, hey, a comedy channel that's only 3/5 white men — that's gotta be at least a small improvement? Oh, fuck, who knows. Anyway, it launched at SxSW, and it looks promising.


But what is JASH? Simply put, JASH is LIFE. JK, it's a YouTube channel with pages the five comedylebrities curate. "This is what we think is funny. It may not be your cup of tea, but there's no testing involved, there's no second-guessing of what a 14-year-old boy would like. It's just a place to do stuff and fail or not fail," Silverman told Rolling Stone.

That's exciting, actually. Not having to pander to certain demographics can encourage the mainstream to expand and contract in positive ways. It's what the internet is pretty much for. Godspeed, little JASHers.

[Rolling Stone]


I Think I Lost It

I tried watching an episode or two of The Sarah Silverman Program. It was so, SO bad. I was actually embarrassed fro Brain Posehn for one "story" (I don't know, I just have a hard time calling it that) he was in, where the bulk of it was getting shit on by a bird, and then deciding to shit on the bird himself. Which was not a funny joke when I saw it at a cartoon film festival 20 years ago. Just SO bad.

I used to love her on Mr. Show so I was disappointed.