Sarah Paulson Also Doesn't Care for Lea Michele!

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Yet another famous person has acknowledged that Lea Michele isn’t the most pleasant individual to work with on a production. This time around, though, the actor in question, Sarah Paulson, handled the conversation with tact? Grace? A sense of dignity? Something!


Paulson was asked about her working relationship with Michele on Watch What Happens Live! and very politely refused to answer Andy Cohen’s question about what working with Michele was like. Instead of answering, she feigned a “connection issue”; and for some ungodly reason, Sonja Morgan, who was also a guest on the show, managed to step in and save the day. Morgan rescuing Paulson from a possibly uncomfortable interaction with Andy Cohen about Lea Michele’s behavior on a Zoom version of WWHL is somehow the perfect distillation of our current hell. My body would like to reject it, but why don’t we lean into the discomfort, instead? [Hollywood Life]

Summer is in full swing, but quarantine stops for no season, and so it is my privilege to inform you that Britney Spears has been embracing her domestic side.

To be fair, one could argue that Britney has been embracing her “domestic side” for some time now if we can stretch the definition of “domestic” to include dance breaks in her empty, haunted mansion and floating in the big pool out back in a bikini. Had I the resources of Ms. Spears, those two activities would factor into my quarantine, so I’m allowing it for this round. However, it seems Ms. Spears has been baking, just like you.

The caption on this particular photo has a charming cinema verité vibe. It is the clearest representation of the quarantine mindset I’ve ever seen—not in a bad way, just in a way that is true.

It reads:

I made cherry 🍒 muffins with brown sugar this morning …. I left them in the oven just a touch 👌 longer so they would be crisp ..... I prefer the BITE 😉💋💋 !!!!!!!! Pssss I would show you a pic of my muffins …… but anything I make in the kitchen with my two hands goes in my stomach 😳😳😳😳😳 GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!


Same! I also prefer the bite! I’d show anyone a picture of my muffins were I so inclined to make muffins, but there’s something soothing about Britney waking up at 5:00 a.m., restless, unable to sleep, bleary-eyed, and wandering to her kitchen to make herself some muffins, throw on an off-the-shoulder top, and tell us about her day. Thank you, Britney. The light in me sees the light in you. [Instagram]

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As someone who loves Florence Pugh, that relationship, and her reaction to the criticism she gets, makes me so sad. She takes it all as an attack on her and her ability to make her own choices as an adult, when it’s not that at all. It is the gross ass man in a relationship with someone half his age—taking advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have enough life experience to know what a gross ass he truly is—we are criticizing!

Having a relationship in your early 20s you look back on with regret and embarrassment in later years is a right of passage, Florence! You’re not at fault for making not-smart decisions in your 20s!

I myself dated a men’s rights activist I thought I—someone who at that very time had a piece of artwork on my wall that said “Fuck the Patriarchy”—could change. I learned otherwise. We broke up. I look back and cringe. It’s all part of growing up.

The grown man in his forties is the one who should know better. And the fact that he probably does know better is what makes the relationship so messed up.