Sarah Palin Denies Tea Party's Involvement In DWTS

Today on The View, Barbara Walters showed an outtake of her Sarah Palin interview—for The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010—in which Palin tries to laugh off a question about the Tea Party's support of Bristol on DWTS.

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It says it all — a self-proclaimed political party that harnesses its people-power to vote for a idiotic reality TV show. The fact this is even an "issue" of discussion pretty much defines the ridiculousness of the Tea Party.

Funny how it was not long ago that Palin was telling the American people that Obama was nothing more than a mere "celebrity." What are you, Palin? You're not even a real celebrity. You're a reality TV star. You hang out with Kate Gosselin. Obama hangs out with Bruce Springsteen. If you want to break it down into moron terms, just like w/my junk gossip, I prefer people who are famous for actually doing something.

The fact we live in an age/country where a woman who sat in the audience of DWTS and has a show on TLC could be deemed electable is rather frightening.