On Monday evening’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Bee took on the cottage industry dedicated to teaching children how to fight back during school shootings. This is the wrong approach, she sensibly pointed out.


Our elected officials really should be the ones working to figure out how to reduce school shootings, but instead, people like a former IDF officer and an odd children’s book author have taken it upon themselves to save children from potential gunmen, with helpful advice like stabbing the shooter in the temple, or throwing a ball at him.

“They’re just celebrating bullshit bills, while the thought leaders on school shootings are this lady with an accordion and G.I. Joe,” Bee says.


“What can we do to get through to these underdeveloped minds?” she asks. “I’ve been looking up to lawmakers when I really should have been talking down to them... with the power of children’s theater.”

Watch her convincing play in the clip above.

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