Ruth Bader Ginsburg Officiated a Wedding and Everyone Better Have Worn a Mask

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As much as I would prefer that we seal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg into an antiseptic bubble, it seems she’s out and about and officiating outdoor weddings. Everyone better have worn masks, because this is not the time to fuck around!!


According to the AP, Ginsburg, who is being treated for cancer, officiated the wedding of Barb Solish and Danny Kazin. I swear to god if any of you so much as cleared your throats within a mile of The Most Valuable Supreme Court Justice of our lifetimes, you will hear from me.

This better be six feet.

Ginsburg is a “close friend” of one of the families, and the wedding took place outdoors (better have been) at a private residence, which I assume was disinfected from top to bottom. Solish noted on Twitter that she and her husband both “tested negative,” but those tests are sometimes unreliable and I think maybe they should get tested again, just in case.

Ginsburg announced in July that she had been undergoing chemotherapy since May after testing found lesions on her liver in February.

Again, while I cannot personally control Ginsburg’s life, as much as I might want to, may I highly advise that we don’t ask this fragile creature who we desperately need to remain alive to appear at any large social gatherings for the time being?


OneHandedSquire thinks the post office is good

Man, it’s getting to the point where just seeing RBG’s name and face on an article is enough to make my anxiety levels spike like crazy. Despite having a lot of contempt for the originalist theory of jurisprudence, something tells me this was not the founders’ intent for the Supreme Court!