Excuse Me While I Extract My Liver and Mail it to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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In a statement released by her office, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced that she has been undergoing chemotherapy since May after testing found lesions on her liver in February. Justice Ginsburg, who was recently hospitalized and then released for a separate infection, writes that she is “tolerating chemo well” and has continued to “maintain an active daily routine.” She also mentions that the chemo is “yielding positive results” which is good to know before I extract my own liver and mail it to this woman with a card and some flowers.

While Justice Ginsburg’s note is full of optimism and meant to put the public at ease, anytime an announcement comes from her office that is unrelated to a court case, it is unnerving. In a year that has tested the limits of Murphy’s Law, the last thing the United States can afford is the loss of this one woman who is singlehandedly holding the nation together with nothing but a string and her tiny, tiny hands.


We cannot say this enough times here at Jezebel but please pray to your preferred higher power for the health and wellbeing of the only good thing that exists in any of our lives right now.

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It’s fucking *heart-stopping* every time I get a news alert and I see the name Ginsburg mentioned. Sincerely, legitimately terrifying knowing what could happen if she (or another justice) dies within the next six months. It’s absolutely ridiculous that that’s where we are as a nation, to know that everything hinges on one old white lady’s life; literally, *everything* about American and western democracy, everything that’s good or admirable about the spirit of our republic... all resting on Ruth’s tiny bird shoulders.

I put no limits on the cruelty that has been the year 2020, though, so... *I’mnotpanickingYOU’REpanicking*