Rush Limbaugh Dubs New Type Of Oreo The "Or-Bam-Eo"

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Thank goodness we have Rush Limbaugh to explain Kraft's ulterior motive for launching the Triple Double Oreo, an Oreo with three cookies and both vanilla and chocolate cream filling. Apparently it's actually a "biracial cookie," and thus it should be called the "Or-Bam-eo." Oh, Rush! This is almost as hilarious as that time you made fun of Japanese tsunami victims.


Of course, Michelle Obama has something to do with this treachery. Rush says:

In the midst of all this talk of obesity. And, I mean, every time Michelle Obama goes out there and talks about healthful eating, the food industry responds with, "Oh, yeah? Take this." And Kraft comes up with the Or-Bam-eo, the triple double-dipper.

As Media Matters points out, Rush is already well-aware that "Oreo" is a racial slur because he's complained about the cookies being hurled at black conservative politicians (though this probably never happened). However, it seems that adding chocolate to the cream filling makes it okay to use the term to mock Obama.

The saddest part this is that some people still take a man seriously, even though he's also offended by McDonald's putting Rolos in McFlurries and is one step away from accusing chestnuts of being lazy.

Rush Limbaugh's "Or-Bam-eo" Slur [Media Matters]

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1. This shit is racist. Just clearing up confusion noted downpage.

2. I AM SICK OF ALL THIS RACIST SHIT, AMERICA. Tea party, GOP, Missouri, Arkansas, The South, Boston, D.C., Texas, various inner city neighborhoods, Baltimore: I AM TALKING TO YOU. Get the f*** over it and grow up, or formally announce your desire to start an American race war so that I can have an official reason to kick your asses.

3. The Civil War is over. Jim Crow is over. "Irish need not apply" is over. Segregation is over (Koch brothers, I'm talking to you) [] . Mexicans are not all criminals. Jews are not trying to steal your money. Black people are not scary. Muslims are not all terrorists.

4. If any of this is confusing, one more time for the record: Humans are all equal. This is not rocket science.