Rush Limbaugh Makes Fun Of Japanese Refugees

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As if the devastation in Japan wasn't horrifying enough, in the U.S. we've been subjected to idiotic jokes about the disaster and wingnuts' ridiculous suggestions that the Japanese brought this on themselves. Since Rush Limbaugh is both an idiot and a wingnut, we aren't too surprised to find he's been laughing at the Japanese — but it's still disgusting.


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In this clip from yesterday's Rush Limbaugh Show, he plays a clip of Diane Sawyer noting that there are recycling bins in Japanese refugee camps. Rush finds it funny that the Japanese are still concerned about hurting the planet when it's caused so much desruction (and only wussies recycle).

He says:

Oh, it's recycling, look, organized for — these people are in the midst of earthquake devastation and the credit they're getting is for recycling and our caller Chris with a great question. The Japanese have done so much to save the planet. He's right. They've given us the Prius. Even now, refugees are still recycling their garbage, and yet Gaia levels them [laughs], just wipes them out. Wipes out their nuclear plants, all kinds of radiation. What kind of payback is this? That is an excellent question. They invented the Prius. In fact, where Gaia blew up is right where they make all these electric cars. That's where the tsunami hit. All those brand new electric cars sitting there on the lot. I like the way this guy was thinking. It's like — it's like Gaia hit the Prius in [inaudible]. It's like they were in the crosshairs, if we can use that word, it does. What is Gaia trying to tell us here? What is the mother of environmentalism trying to say with this hit? Great observation out there, Chris.

HA! Thousands of people are dead and many more have had their lives destroyed, and yet the Japanese are still managing to behave like civilized people. Hilarious.

Rush is actually pretty lucky that natural disasters can happen even in countries filled with good people who try to protect the environment. If not, we're pretty sure a chasm would've opened in the Earth's crust and swallowed Rush long ago.


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Is the Gaia thing some kind of dig at us weirdo-lefty-pagan types? I think I heard Glenn Beck saying it as well, and at first I was confused, but now I'm pretty sure they want me to be insulted.

Like, I'm going to subvert and mock your Earth Mother because clearly my Jesus is the superior God that would never let anything like this catastrophe happen in the good ol' US of A!

Then I remind myself who these men are, and that I'm a simple Canadian gal, and I move on.