RuPaul's Getting a Goddamn Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Here’s some fun news for your Friday: RuPaul, the hardest working person in show business, is finally getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Other stars bestowed with this honor for 2018 incude Lin-Manuel Miranda, Snoop Dogg, Simon Cowell, and Shonda Rhimes—all people that I assumed already had stars on this thing. According to the Los Angeles Times, anyone can be nominated for a star, but like everything glittering and gold about fame, it costs money—up to $30,000 or more, for upkeep and construction.

It’s nice news that happened to be announced a day before the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the best show of our time, that ends tonight. Four queens remain—Shea Coulee, Trinity Taylor, Peppermint and the inimitable Sasha Velour. My money was on Shea to take it all, but after last week’s reunion, something tells me they’re going to give it to Sasha. Why? Because Shea, bless her, was kind of a snake—not as much of a snake as Valentina, whose beautiful self was snatched from the competition by her own hubris, after lip syncing for her life with a freaking MASK covering her mouth!! Mask off, Valentina!! It’s a lip sync!!

Here, let’s relive it together.

Respectfully, Valentina, you are so very beautiful but if RuPaul tells you to take that mask off your face and lipsync for your goddamn life, I’m not entirely sure why you’re crying as if it were the end of the world and completely unexpected? Anyway!

Another nice thing to revisit is this fun moment.

Please bury me with a looped recording of Aja saying “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista.” It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful.


To recap, squirrels: RuPaul got what he finally deserved—that star! an Emmy (last year)!—and Valentina is a slithery little sssssnake. The finale airs tonight on VH1 at 8 pm.. All four queens will face off in a sudden death lip sync battle to determine the top two. This has never been done on the show before and I honestly cannot wait.

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Yes Mama!!!! As someone with really low self esteem and confidence, watching drag race and listening to RuPaul’s podcast has helped my spirits tremendously. RuPaul has the wisdom of an older person who has been thru it all and understands how to defeat the voice inside your head that hates you.