RuPaul's Drag Race Producers Apparently Can't Handle a Little Bit of Period Blood

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On Friday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Season 2 icon Manila Luzon trotted out a very nice Chanel-adjacent look for the Curves and Swerves Runway category. That look, and her performance in the nightmarish “Jersey Justice” improv challenge snagged her a spot in the top. However, that look wasn’t what she had planned on wearing. It was her backup, because her first look was deemed inappropriate by production for reasons unbeknownst!


The look she wore on the runway was nice and expensive and chic, but the look she planned on wearing was much more fun. Pardon me for asking what might be an obvious question, but why on earth are the producers of RuPaul’s so afraid of a perfectly glamorous gown that happens to be covered in a little bit of fake period blood?

Manila’s explanation for why she wanted to wear the first gown makes sense! “Many of my fans are young women who may feel pressured by society to be embarrassed by their periods,” she wrote on Instagram. “My goal with this look was to normalize menstruation by looking sick’ning even if I was on my period!” Setting aside the fact that Manila Luzon does not actually get a period, let us please give thanks to her desire to “normalize” what is already a perfectly normal, if not extremely irritating, experience that happens to many people that live on this planet.

Kudos to Manila for making sure that the blood on the giant sanitary napkin that takes up the front of her dress is red and not blue, purple, pink, or strangely gloppy, like the shit that pours out of beakers on Always commercials! Praise be for that red streak in the middle of her hair. Bleeding out the vagina like a stuck pig for days at a time is a nightmarish side effect of being a woman that is, frankly, part of the larger scam that is being a woman in general. Good for Manila for trying, though.

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Freedom Cow

I love this gown and look. And we need to get over periods being embarressing.