Rumors Indicate that Katie Couric Could Join The View

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Season two of Katie Couric's Katie has just started, but however long it will be on air is anyone's guess. Barbara Walters is slowly fading into that good night on The View, despite her original protestations. So what better way to fix this daytime talk show kerfuffle than have Katie Couric replace Barbara Walters on The View? The answer is no better way. No better way at all.


The Daily News reports that Couric has been frustrated with the "gossipy tone" her show has developed. (Which is totally explains why she's doing things like talking about her engagement on air. That'll really tamper down that gal-pal vibe.) Her producers are also seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as ratings are even lower than they were last season:

“They realize it will never be a success and ratings are down drastically from last season,” says our tipster. “The ABC development team has been working nonstop on new talk show pilots and are looking at high-profile names to replace her, hopefully by January.”


“Execs are so concerned about publicly humiliating Katie by canceling her show in the middle of her second season that they want to put her on ‘The View’ this year to slide into Barbara’s chair,” our source says. “The feeling across the board is that Katie is rejected by audiences when she is alone, but on a panel show she’s incredible, and even not liking her can work in the show’s favor and her favor.”

That still leaves an extra spot on the show that The View reportedly wants filled with a Latina member to round out the cast. Before Jenny McCarthy was cast, Sherri Shepherd said she thought that should be the show's next hire. There were also rumors that Hoda Kotb could be joining the show, to which Kathie Lee responded, "Over my cold, dead, still-cackling-manically body."

Walters is denying that Couric will sub in for her, but that's what she said about Elisabeth Hasselbeck and we know which blonde reptile is starting at Fox & Friends on Monday.

An end for 'Katie' could open the door to Katie Couric stepping in for Barbara Walters at 'The View' [NYDN]


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What is it with Fox News and blondes. Do they not know that other colors of hair exist?