NO BABY BUMP. Image via Twitter.

Baby bump detectives (everyone) are working hard on Kylie Jenner’s warped pregnancy timeline, and the puzzle is starting to look like a baby, ergo: omfg.

For your consideration:

  • Exhibit A: “THE BOGUS BUMP” [emphasis TMZ] is a fuzzy video of either a bump or a mirage from January, which would considerably set back the supposed early 2018 due date which “multiple sources” reported to People in September.
  • Exhibit B: “OMG Pics of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump Have Just Surfaced,” images of Kylie Jenner placing her hand on a bump-like form in an oversized jacket, possibly from Jordyn Woods’s birthday party in September, inferring that Kylie was “pretty far along” by this time. [Seventeen]
  • Exhibit C: This garbage Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card (above) with no Kylie.
  • Exhibit D: She hasn’t been on social media in a while. [Us Weekly]

Inconclusive. In the meantime, here’s the morning baby bump packet:



Anna Faris officiated her podcast co-host Sim Sarna’s wedding in Uggs, which is both nice because it’s Anna Faris and liberating for anybody who’s worn heels to an outdoor wedding.

  • The Royal Family is dishing out end-of-year knighthoods and honorariums (Ringo Starr, Barry Gibb, Ed Sheeran, Wiley). [NME]
  • Ryan Seacrest now acting like he didn’t shit all over Mariah Carey’s NYE performance because it’s expedient and he’s on TV and he’s a nice person. This is deeply satisfying. [Fox News]
  • Justin Timberlake’s recent trademarking activity suggests that he is pivoting toward nature. [NME]
  • Papoose more or less screamed to the world that Remy Ma is pregnant. [Instagram]
  • Ew, this is what this person is up to. [The Sun]