Rosie O'Donnell's New Side Hustle Is Making Anti-Trump Cell Phone Cases

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Rosie O’Donnell is selling anti-Trump phone cases on Etsy. These seem like they would be extremely therapeutic to make, if not to actually own.


According to The Hill, O’Donnell doodled the image as a way of expressing her “sadness, rage, [and] disappointment” with Trump “and his regime.” I personally wouldn’t want Trump’s turgid tomato face leering at me every time I went to respond to a sext, but enough people did that the cases immediately sold out. To each their own! O’Donnell said she’ll be making more with a different image, and that:

all money collected

with be matched by me

and donated to


O’Donnell is no stranger to expressing her feelings toward the Trump clan in both image and verse. Trump, in turn, has said she deserves to be called “a fat pig,” which I guess is about as close to a creative statement as his mashed-potato brain is ever going to get.


wait, what? I thought the new Rosie show ‘family’ are Trump supporters?