Roseanne Is Israel's Problem Now

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After Roseanne Barr was killed off her own sitcom for some racist Twitter vitriol that she blames on Ambien and the makers of Ambien blame on racism, she began threatening to take her talents to Israel. Now, it seems as if she’s officially ready to take her shitty, nonsensical opinions to Israel’s parliament.


Set to address parliament on January 30, a recent statement released by Barr (via Deadline) says, “While I intend to further my own knowledge of Jewish and Israeli history, I have important work to do as a voice against the insidious and anti-Semitic BDS movement.”

BDS refers to a Palestinian-led movement that stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel. According to NBC News, Barr’s trip is sponsored by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a friend and founder of a pro-Israel organization called the World Values Network.


Still no word on the promised album, though I’m pretty much fine with that.

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The skrony ass-bag who dressed herself up as Hitler and made a visual “oven joke” is going to address Israel’s parliament.