Rose McGowan on Twitter: 'HW Raped Me'

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On Thursday actress Rose McGowan, who has been tweeting about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein all week, tweeted that “HW raped me.” She also alleges, in a series of tweets in which she tagged Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, that she told the head of Amazon studios about the alleged rape and called on Amazon to stop funding the work of “rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers.”

The first New York Times investigation into Weinstein reported that in 1997 McGowan, who was then 23, had reached a $100,000 settlement with the producer after “an episode in a hotel room.” According to a Daily Beast article, sources told the website that McGowan had told her story before NBC cameras in January of this year for Ronan Farrow’s investigation, which was later published in the New Yorker. But she had to later retract that interview, reportedly telling Farrow, “the legal angle is coming at me and I have no recourse” due to a non-disclosure agreement.


Over the past few weeks McGowan has been especially outspoken on Twitter about the Weinstein allegations and just yesterday her account was temporarily suspended by Twitter.

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After all the horrible shit I see on Twitter day after day (and report), I seriously cannot believe her account was suspended. Well, I guess I can believe it, I’m just amazed that’s our reality.