Rose McGowan 'Temporarily' Suspended From Twitter For 'Violating Rules,' Whatever That Means

Images via Getty, screengrab.
Images via Getty, screengrab.

Actress Rose McGowan was “temporarily” suspended from Twitter late Wednesday night after posting at least one tweet that “violated” their rules. In an Instagram post (screenshotted above), McGowan shared the email from Twitter explaining that she would be limited to DMs (“no Tweets, Retweets, or likes”) until deleting the problem tweet.


But which tweet is it? The New York Times reports it’s “not clear which tweets had resulted in the suspension,” but two in which she calls Ben Affleck a liar and claims everyone knew about Harvey’s behavior are still up.


So here we are, with an alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein’s harassment being temporarily silenced by the hell we know as Twitter while you know who is still tweeting freely about wanting to cripple the free press.

Update, 12:55 pm: Twitter has clarified that the tweet in question contained “a private phone number,” which violates their terms of service. Her account has been returned to full use.



Speaking of Twitter, James Van Der Beek revealed his own experiences as a victim of harassment late Wednesday night after speaking out against Harvey Weinstein:


TMZ has a long and sort of bizarre video (just because I can’t really tell who everyone is/where they’re going) of Harvey Weinstein leaving his house and taking a black car...somewhere. During it, TMZ’s reporter says they’re glad Weinstein is doing “well,” to which Weinstein replies:

“I’m not doing OK, but I’m trying. I gotta get help guys. We all make mistakes [and get a] second chance, I hope.”

GIF via screengrab.

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Flow Bee

The McGowan suspension is just an example of the larger problem with free speech in the United States. Americans are conditioned to think of free speech as how far you’re willing to go to protect white supremacist terrorists (i.e. the right of the KKK to march on a town) and not how far you’re willing to go to protect the vulnerable and disenfranchised (i.e. the right of black protestors to march on Ferguson).

That’s why Twitter won’t suspend Nazi trolls but will suspend McGowan. That’s how Americans measure their commitment to free speech. And ALL Americans too, not just right wingers. You regularly see (white) liberals talk about “Disagreeing with Nazi speech but defending their right to say it” when discussing their belief of free speech.