In this clip from last night's episode, two women showering together are attacked by other women in a drunken (obvs) misunderstanding. Earlier in the day, Bret had these kooks working with children.

And they did so in bikinis, natch.


And it was through this challenge - which had something to do with helping our troops in Iraq - that we learned that four of the remaining seven contestants are mothers in real life. We already knew that Beverly had three children, but it was kind of shocking to find out that Brittanya - who has said she doesn't like children - is a mom.

Taya, the Penthouse centerfold, is a mom.


And most surprising of all, Ashley, the stripper with the large breasts with some other guy's name tattooed on one of them, is a mom as well. She also has a tattoo of herself, naked, and holding a gun.

She used this as an activity for the children, who painted clothes on her. She won the challenge and the solo date with Bret.


Lastly, here's a gif(t):