Robert Durst Pleads Not Guilty to the Murder of Susan Berman

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Robert Durst, multimillionaire and subject of the infamous documentary The Jinx, has pled “not guilty” to the murder of his friend Susan Berman, who was found dead in her Los Angeles home in late 2000.

The New York Times reports that Durst appeared at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace, to submit his plea on Monday. He said, “I am not guilty. I did not kill Susan Berman.”

Shortly before her death, Berman was contacted by police who wished to question her on the disappearance of Durst’s wife, Kathleen, who went missing from their Westchester County home in 1982. Robert Durst and Berman were close friends and confidents. Prosecutors allege that he shot her in the back of the head to prevent her from revealing anything about Kathleen’s whereabouts.


There is reportedly little forensic evidence connecting Durst to Berman’s murder, despite the compelling case laid out by investigators in The Jinx. Durst plead guilty to a federal weapons charge in New Orleans earlier in the year, and was sentenced to an 85-month sentence. He was transferred from Louisiana to Los Angeles for this trial.

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He said, “I am not guilty. I did not kill Susan Berman.”

And then he belched and said quietly, “Suckers.”