Robert Durst Pleads Guilty on Gun Charges, So Now He Can Deal With Those Murder Issues

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Real estate heir and unsettlingly-faced man Robert Durst has pleaded guilty in New Orleans to illegal possession of a firearm. He’ll serve 85 months in federal prison, and will be transferred by the summer to Los Angeles to likely stand trial on charges of murdering his friend and confidante Susan Berman.


Durst pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to having a .38 he shouldn’t have, as a convicted felon. Durst was arrested at a Marriott in Louisiana in April with a bag full of fascinating carry-ons, including a latex mask, a map of Florida and Cuba, some marijuana, a passport, a fake Texas ID, and $45,000, with a package slip that showed he was expecting $117,000 more.

Los Angeles County reached an agreement in December with U.S. attorneys in Louisiana, where Durst will be transferred to Los Angeles by August to be arraigned on those murder charges. He’ll serve his time at FCI Terminal Island, a low-security prison near Los Angeles.

If the murder case goes to trial, it seems likely that prosecutors will possibly mention the disappearance of Durst’s first wife Kathy. They might also ask Durst why, in the course of the HBO documentary The Jinx, he was heard to mutter, “What did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Great to see Bob cleaning up his to-do list.

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Dr. Mabuse

So even if he doesn’t get convicted for the Susan Berman murder, he’s likely die in jail. He’s got seven years in federal prison, and the guy is aging and he doesn’t seem like he’s in the best of health. At the very least, he’s off of the streets for awhile.