Did you know that Rob Kardashian is passionate about socks? He's been talking a lot about launching his own luxury sock line, Arthur George, for over a year, using his sisters' various TV shows to promote the business that didn't even exist—until now! Retailing for $30 a pair, the socks are available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. They're mostly hideous: lots of bright neons, pinks, animal prints, and even a pattern that features a silhouette of a ballerina. These are men's socks, by the way. Maybe now he can stop crying about how he feels like a loser because he's left out of the family's other business ventures and get over his resentment of Kim. Especially because this sock line was made possible, however indirectly, because of her willingness to allow someone to urinate on her.

Arthur George by Robert Kardashian [Neiman Marcus]