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Rob Kardashian Reveals His Love for Christian Bale on The Choice

Last night on The Choice — the insipid dating show that's a cross between The Voice and the Second Circle of Hell — a potential date asked Rob Kardashian about his favorite movie. "Newsies," Rob said with certainty, licking his lips. "Why?" the lady questioned. "Christian Bale," Rob replied. Good point!

Rob was also the first one to turn his chair around when Myrna hit the stage, despite the fact that she didn't say a word. Actually, all of the guys turned their chairs, just based on the audience's applause. When asked why she should pick him, Finesse Mitchell explained, "I love Asian women." She didn't pick him.

No one turned around for the contestant named Princess. Although, when she turned around, Finesse regretted his decision.

Finesse also decided not to choose the super sweet young woman with the gun and the kid.

Oh, and after watching sparks fly last week, we got an update on Carmen Electra and Christopher: He's ready to move to LA for her.


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