Carmen Electra Falls Deeply in Lust on The Choice

It was ladies' night on The Choice last night — you know, the show that's like The Voice, but with celebrity blind dating? The women (Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk, Aussie actress Sophie Monk, Miss USA Rima Fakih and Carmen Electra) were snippy, picky, and possibly drunk. Carmen pulled her love handle for Shane before he even started speaking. All it took was for him to play some notes on his ukulele. She's a sucker for musicians — just ask Prince. Or Dave Navarro. Or B-Real. He counts, right?

None of the ladies were interested in a guy nicknamed "GareBear." In fact, Sophie, without seeing him, called him a geek. Rima turned around for a guy and then decided she wasn't interested, because he had sideburns. And more than once, the ladies turned around, saw the guy, and tried to turn back around.

But when a dude named Christopher strolled out and said, "Youse are all gorgeous," every single woman turned around. And sparks between Christopher and Carmen flew immediately. "I love you, Carmen," he said. "I love you."

At some point in the show, Carmen asked her guys: "Outer space or under water?" And said that she'd choose under water, because she likes Shark Week. So later, when Christopher was asked if he could be any animal, what kind of animal he would be, he chose sharks: "I know she likes sharks." The guy after Christopher — who didn't hear Christopher's answer — said he'd be a dolphin.

In the end, Carmen chose Christopher, and not for nothin, but you get the feeling that they skipped the date and immediately hit the bedroom.


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